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Is the revival of the China grinding disc manufacturer fully developed?

Since the beginning of this year, most of China grinding disc manufacturer have started to turn around, and the sales volume and income of the whole industry are rapidly recovering and growing. Although the overall export is still in a recession, the export volume in the past two months has increased slightly. The industry generally believes that the Chinese grinding disc mill industry is ushered in a full recovery.

According to expert analysis, the rapid development of China’s grinding disc mill industry in recent years mainly relies on “four legs”: the first is the investment in national infrastructure construction; the second is the rapid development of warehousing logistics handling; the third is real estate The industry’s high growth; the fourth is the export of 41% of the growth of China’s disc-type mills.


After the crisis, a series of rescue measures introduced by the government played a crucial role in the grinding disc mill. In particular, a moderately loose monetary policy promotes stable growth of money and credit; innovative financing methods, broadening corporate financing channels, and providing guarantees for corporate financing.


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