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What Are The Advantages Of The Grinding Wheel?

grinding wheel made in China

At present, the development speed of the grinding wheel made in China is relatively fast, no matter from the product’s output, quality and variety are growing year by year, especially in recent years has formed a vigorous development trend. Why resin cutting wheel grinding tools will develop So fast? This is inseparable from the unique properties of resin grinding discs. Today, the manufacturers of grinding discs introduce you to the advantages of resin cutting sheets.


  1. High bonding strength. Compared with other bonding agents, the grinding wheel made in China has high bonding strength, can be used at higher speeds, can withstand large grinding pressure, and thus cleans the burrs in the steel and foundry industries. Widely used in rough grinding.
  2. The resin can be made into a special shape and a special need for the grinding wheel made in China. This is mainly because the resin bonding agent is hardened under low-temperature conditions, and does not change the basic properties of the material, so that the filling material or the embedded mterial can be added for different needs.
  3. The resin is suitable for the manufacture of sheet grinding wheels of various specifications, which is widely used in the cutting and grooving process of many metal processing departments. The thinnest resin cutting sheet with a thickness of 0.1 mm can complete the general saw blade. Unfinished machining tasks, especially when high-speed reinforced cutting discs are widely used, the need for cutting wheels increases rapidly.
  4. The resin binder has a certain elasticity. In the grinding process, it is beneficial to meet the requirements of a high surface roughness of the workpiece. In the mechanical processing process, the grinding wheel made in China is used in the fine grinding and polishing process, under the same conditions. Grinding, resin wheel grinding tools have a higher finish than ceramic grinding tools.

However, even the best products are not universal products, but also have their specific uses, but also the most suitable places, in order to fully play their effects. In the face of the specific application areas or occasions of the grinding wheel made in China, how to science The choice of using different grinding wheels is a buyer’s need to pay attention.


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