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Mobile crusher used to open pit coal mining

The Mobile Stone Crushing Equipment (Mobile crushing and screening plant) is applied to multistage crush large material, and then screening the discharges according to their different specifications. The whole crushing and screening set can be used for completely crushing and screening operations at one time in mine, building material, highway, railway and hydropower industries, etc. according to the customers requirement.

(1) Can operate in urban infrastructure, roads or Stone Crushing Equipment sites,etc. (2) Processing topsoil and other materials; separating viscous concrete aggregate in construction and demolition industry;broken after the screening; quarrying industry. (3) Recycle crushing asphalt concrete and cement concrete. (4) Mobile crushing & screening equipment features multi-functional operation. (5) Used for coarse crushing hard materials in mining, coal, cement industry, mining-site.

(6) Equip magnetic separator, which is suitable for recycle the city construction waste. The users of open pit coal mine are mainly power stations. The particle size of coal requested by power plants is less than 200 mm. Most small and medium size open pit coal mines have no crushing equipment. So the particle size of coal can not reach the requested standard. And that affects the economic benefit of coal mining directly. Build a stationary crushing plant, which not only needs lots of investment, but increases the secondary unlucky links and the cost of production SO the economic benefit of coal mining is not good. Mobile crusher can directly work at cal mining workshop. So it can crusher coals as soon as they are mined. Besides, the granularity is suitable.

According to the characteristics of open-pit coal mine producing, mobile crusher must have the function of walking, loading materials and reprinting besides crushing to meet the requirement of single bucket shipment. Mobile crusher can reduce some middle parts produced by crushing. Mobile crusher consists of the following components.

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