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What causes the 115*1*22 cutting disc film?

What are the reasons for the 115*1*22 cutting disc? I will give you a summary today.

  1. The hardening temperature is low, or too high: mainly when the temperature and humidity suddenly change greatly, and the fluctuation of the relevant technical indicators of the raw materials simultaneously reaches the conditions required for the resin cutting wheel film. The hardening is low, which refers to the environment and raw materials. Double impact, when the season alternates or the temperature and humidity change significantly, the highest hardening temperature of the resin grinding wheel should be provided in time. The hardening is high, which means that the hardening curve has been adjusted, but when the stability is happy, the weather is dry and not lowered in time. Hardening is stable, it is also easy to cause the grinding wheel film.
  2. The time of the hardening curve is short: this mainly means that under certain conditions, the low-temperature drying time of the hardening curve is short, and the heating rate is too fast in the heating stage.
  3. The furnace or the kiln is too urgent or the temperature difference is too large: due to the resin cutting wheel, especially the grinding wheel with large diameter, there should be a certain cooling period at the end of the hardening and heat preservation to meet the uniform release of the stress of the resin cutting wheel; If the temperature is too high or the temperature difference changes too much, the cooling changes of the grinding wheel will not be synchronized, so the deformation of the grinding wheel will appear.




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