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now grown up has shown off a more classic black dress

Michelle Hunziker (who denied her fourth pregnancy) and Aurora Ramazzotti marched together on their first red carpet for mom and daughter. The occasion is the Golden Camera Awards in Hamburg, the German television and film award. The two form an extraordinary couple and the audience went into a frenzy.
Smiling and tight-knit, Michelle and Aurora have never been so fit (will they be following some particular diet?). The Swiss showgirl, a true celebrity also in Germany, presented herself with a fiery red dress, her must color, embellished with lace inserts. Her blond hair loose on her shoulders, she looked like a sensual venus.

La Ramazzottina, now grown up, has shown off a more classic black dress, but with a vertiginous slit and mischievous transparencies. Her very black hair has collected them in a tall bun. Just returned from a holiday in the Maldives with dad Eros, he rushed to Hamburg to steal the scene from his mother.
For many people, even for some adults, Carnival masks report unpleasant events that took place during this time of the year, or remember the monsters of horror movies. In these cases it is a real fear for Carnival masks bridesmaid dresses hot pink, which must be faced by showing children that there is nothing to fear, not even the most impressive monster. Often sharing with their children some anecdotes of when we were young, or show some dated photographs, with our costumes of when we were children, are strategies that help a lot. If you are familiar with sewing, you can also let your children help you in the selection and preparation of the masks, in order to make them something familiar and soothing.

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