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Cutting machine grinding and casting operation rules

125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc

1. This machine is a fixed-person responsibility system. Non-operator operators are not allowed to operate without the consent of the workshop leader.
2. Before going to work, the operator should carefully check all parts of the cutting machine: the cut piece should be free from damage, no serious gap, and the clamp should be secure, the belt should be tight, the protective cover should be installed in place, the support plate and the 125*1*22 EN12413 cutting disc The distance between the blades should be adjusted to the proper position, the exhaust fan (dust) should be operated normally, and the spindle bearings should be lubricated and refueled to ensure normal, reliable and safe production.
3. Before starting the cutting machine, check that there is no foreign matter on the belt, on the main shaft, between the bracket and the cutting piece, and idle for 5 minutes. The casting can be polished without any abnormality.
4. When grinding, you must wear gloves, masks, glasses and other labor protection articles, and the cuffs and corners of the clothes should be fastened to prevent the fan from floating and to ensure the safety during operation.
5. When grinding, the castings should be stabilized on the bracket plate. When the casting starts to be sanded, the pouring nozzle due to the gas cutting is not flat, and the lighter strength is applied. After the contact surface is smoothed, the gravity can be added. However, the degree of gravity should also be moderate to prevent the danger of excessive rupture of the cutting piece.
6. In the grinding, it is necessary to prevent the pushing casting from being too heavy, resulting in excessive load and burning electricity.
Motivation, and should often be used to touch the motor casing and the main shaft bearing housing and cutting the piece. When hot burning occurs, stop and rest to prevent the motor from burning and the bearing.
7. The amount of pouring riser after grinding shall be carried out according to the production process of the product to ensure that the quality of the casting meets the requirements.
8. On the same day (class) cutting sheet grinding gate production is finished, cleaning and cleaning work at the equipment and production site.
1. The storage period of the resin-cut sheet is one year, which is subject to the manufacturer’s instructions.
2. There must be a flexible material cushion (such as asbestos, rubber sheet, cardboard, felt, leather, etc.) between the high quality cutting disc supplier and the flange. The thickness is 1-2 mm, and the diameter should be larger than the outer diameter of the flange. 3 mm, it is forbidden to force the cutting piece without padding.


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