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Abrasive grinding disc tools safety operation notes

In the abrasive grinding disc tools, in order to increase its safety factor, some details must be paid attention to. Before starting to use the grinding tool, please use it for one minute and then use it. When replacing the new type of grinding tool, please idle for 3 minutes before using; use an angle grinder with safety cover, cutting machine with safety cover.


Users must wear protective glasses, masks, earplugs, gloves, dust-proof clothing, etc., take protective measures, keep the abrasive grinding disc tools in a place without direct sunlight, no moisture, and place them horizontally; if you encounter the inner diameter of the abrasive grinding disc tools When the small and the equipment do not match, please do not change the diameter of the grinding tool. Use the highest speed of the ultra-thin resin cutting piece and use the maximum number of revolutions.


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