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Wheel cutting machine safety operation procedures

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The use of the grinding wheel cutting machine should make the iron scraps of the grinding wheel fly out of the direction as far as possible to avoid the nearby workers, and the material to be cut should not protrude into the sidewalk.
It is not allowed to use the 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal in places with explosive dust or gas. It is safely separated from oxygen and acetylene by at least 10 meters, and the iron scraps are not allowed to face the oxygen and acetylene bottles.
The four support wheels on the base of the mobile cutting machine should be complete and well-mounted, and the rotation is flexible. It should be balanced and reliable during resettlement, and there should be no obvious vibration during work.
Wear suitable overalls. Do not wear loose overalls. Do not wear jewelry or long hair. Do not wear gloves and cuffs.
The clamping device should be flexible in operation and reliable in clamping. The hand wheel, screw, nut, etc. should be in good condition, and the screw thread must not have the phenomenon of sliding wire and disorderly buckle. The hand wheel operating force is generally no more than 6kg.
The level of the operating handle should be of sufficient strength and rigidity to hold the wheel free to lift after loading all the parts.
The rotating shaft should be intact, the rotation is flexible and reliable, and the nut is locked with the level of the operating handle.
The machined workpiece must be firmly clamped, and it is strictly forbidden to start cutting when the workpiece is not clamped.
It is strictly forbidden to grind the burrs of the workpiece on the plane of the grinding wheel to prevent the grinding wheel from breaking.
When cutting, the operator must deviate from the front of the grinding wheel and wear protective glasses.
When replacing a new cutting piece or a grinding wheel in the middle, the power must be cut off. Do not use the locking nut too hard to prevent the saw blade or the grinding wheel from collapsing.
After replacing the cutting wheel of the grinding wheel, it is necessary to test whether there is obvious vibration, and it can be used after confirming that the operation is normal.
The operating box or switch must be intact and grounded.
The shields of the transmission and the grinding wheel must be safe and reliable and can block the debris that flies out after the grinding wheel is broken. The end baffle should be securely mounted on the cover and must not be removed during the operation.
When the operator manipulates the handle for cutting movement, the force should be even and stable. Do not use excessive force to avoid overloading the aluminum flat cutting disc of the grinding wheel and causing injury.
If the equipment has jitter and other faults, it should be shut down immediately for repair.
After use, cut off the power supply and make the equipment and surrounding areas clean.


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