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Reasonable Use Of Fast 9” Grinding Wheel

fast 9'' grinding wheel

To process different workpiece materials and meet different processing needs, it is necessary to choose different fast 9” grinding wheels. There are many types of grinding wheels, grinding wheels with different bonding agents and different hardnesses. It is important to select the appropriate grinding wheel according to the actual situation.

Fast 9” grinding wheels are excellent grinding tools for grinding high-hardness and brittle non-metallic materials such as cemented carbide and ceramics, optical glass, gemstones , nd stone. However, since diamond is easily carbonized at 700 ° C to 800 ° C, it is not suitable for grinding steel with a large amount of iron. The hardness of CBN is slightly lower than that of diamond, but its thermal stability is good (can withstand 1300 ° C ~ 1400 ° C high temperature), chemical identity with iron elements, high thermal conductivity (46 times that of corundum), made with it The long life of the fast 9” grinding wheel (up to several hundred times to more than one hundred times of the corundum grinding wheel), unlike the diamond, which will decompose at high temperature (ie oxidation and graphitization), is an alternative to corundum fast 9” grinding wheel hardened steel, bearing steel, high speed tool A good abrasive tool for high hardness and toughness of steel, such as steel, stainless steel, heat-resistant steel and titanium alloy.

Bonding agents for fast 9” grinding wheel are resin, metal, ceramic, electroplating and brazing. According to the actual use, the selection of diamond grinding wheels with different bonding agents is crucial for grinding efficiency and grinding quality.


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