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The two even showed off the same dress by Diane

The rumors that Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Prince Harry’s girlfriend, do not get along are getting more and more insistent. Between the two it seems that it does not run good blood. It seems that Lady Middleton does not tolerate being obscured by the American actress.
According to the well informed the last reason that would have triggered the jealousy of Kate concerns the Christmas holidays. It seems that the Duchess of Cambridge was very angry and almost terrified at the idea that Queen Elizabeth could directly invite Meghan to Sandringham House for the holiday season.
Will and Kate special occassion dresses, however, seem not to spend the whole period together with the royal family. They will stay for some time on their own at Anmer Hall. This could be an advantage for the Markle who would have media attention on herself.
In short, Lady Middleton does not want to be overshadowed by her future sister-in-law. Also in terms of looks. The two even showed off the same dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. And if Kate is more attentive to elegance and refinement, Meghan wins all by focusing on sensuality. Who do you prefer?
A week before: last preparations
Adjust the hair color. If something goes wrong you still have time to fix it;

Do the makeup and hair tests;
Think about the final aesthetic touches: waxing, facial cleansing, peeling;
The day before yes
Collect the wedding dress;
Wear the shoes you will wear on your wedding day Gillne.com, so you will give them the shape of your foot and you will avoid suffering;
Massage the skin with an illuminating cream to be perfect the next day.
The day of yes

Have a light breakfast of fruit and cereals;
Take a few minutes to breathe exercises to relax;
Pass an ice cube on the face before make-up to spread the skin. After the make-up sprays some thermal water to fix it longer.
The Queen arrived late and only had three minutes to go and change for dinner. Carlo made a joke and she barely held back the laughter.

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