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GAIL activities in Uttarakhand

GAIL (India) Ltd. gave its support for the renovation & reconstruction of abundant buildings/public utilities that upgraded living standards not just for a family or individual but for the entire villages where the projects were carried out.GAIL India was awarded on 1 Feb 2013 with the status Maharatna, by Government of India.

In terms of the instructions declared by the Public Enterprises Department, GAIL has shared a yearly budget of 2 percent for CSR activities of the last year’s profit after tax that is effectually used for wisely selected programmes. Publicly informative programmes have been accepted in GAIL later its start in and around the regions bordering its main work centers under the TSP/SCP Plans.

Across the world, the corporate sector is positively responding and compelling itself for doing business with accountability towards Environment &Society which leads for a global movement, known to cooperate social responsibility. CSR project in Uttarakhand is associated with practices such as Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) that impacts the sustainability of Society &Business as an integrated system.

„Empowering women empowerment in Uttarakhand economically as well as educationally is the key intention of the policy which they have conceptualized for their welfare,“ informs the secretary women’s commission of state-the panel that is helping the creation of the devoted strategy for the welfare of women. Guaranteeing women property &land ownership privileges and offering them lawful protection against sexual harassment &domestic violence are few of the main features of a devoted policy for women soon to be devised by the government of Uttarakhand.

In Uttarakhand, Non-Governmental Organisations and Non-Profit Organisations are a part of welfare & social development of the state citizens. The best NGO in Uttarakhand has been working actively for legitimate welfare activities and social development programmes of rural & urban societies. NGOs in Uttarakhand are contributing to charitable issues &Social development organized by welfare groups. NGOs in Uttarakhand are forever ready to help to work for the betterment and upliftment of the kids, Social awareness, Development of women, Education, and other purposes.

In 2013 several individuals died near temple because of the natural Kedarnath disaster. The misfortune was that the individuals who died were largely devoted, devotees. They came on a visit to give respects to their favorite God, Shiva, without realizing that it would be their last trip and their breaths would be destroyed in the anger of Nature. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) was considered a tool for incorporating environmental, social, and human development anxieties in the whole value chain of corporate businesses.

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