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How To Use Fast Cheap Metal Grinding Disc

Henan Aurora Abrasive Tool Co.,Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of fast cheap metal grinding disc, diamond water refining sheets and diamond grinding discs. Diamond grinding discs can be customized according to customers‘ requirements. Welcome friends to consult the price


Below our diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc expert customer service will explain some knowledge about diamond grinding discs: diamond equipment has high strength hardness, heat resistance and chemical resistance, good workability, small molding compression; The smaller size of the product allows for the adoption of highly automated hidden gates. Classification.


Diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc features

  1. Unique resin bonding agent, strong grinding force;
  2. The polishing speed is fast and the finish is high;
  3. High wear resistance and long service life;
  4. No scratches and color left on the stone after grinding and polishing (not easy to dye)


Diamond water mill use method

The diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc is suitable for portable electric or pneumatic mills. After the joint is connected, the power is 750-1500W and the number of revolutions is 2000-10000 rpm. When working, the water is applied to the machine by a certain pressure on the surface of the stone to be rubbed 4-5 times, and the finer number one grinding piece can be replaced.


Welcome friends to consult the price, your satisfaction will be our persistent pursuit. Welcome to our diamond grinding sheet ordering hotline. Wish you be happy.


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