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Analysis of problems outside the cutting piece

Outer diameter
Cause: The quality of the mixture is not good; the mold is out of tolerance, and the mold sleeve is not correct when the mold is released.
Prevention method: to ensure the quality of the mixture, the over-different mold is strictly checked, and the unloading mold is kept vertical.
Inner hole layer
Cause: The mandrel is unqualified, the molding compound has a short mixing time, and the adhesion is not good; when it is twisted, it is not scraped. The strength of the wet blank is not enough, the cover of the mold is not flat, and the side of the wet blank is first dropped and shocked.
Prevention method: Strengthen the mold inspection unqualified, timely replacement, especially the fine-grain molding materials should be mixed to ensure the molding needs; after the twisting, the middle of the mold should be scraped with a toothed scraper. Ensure the strength of the wet billet; the mold cover should be stable; it should be stable when placed.
Uneven color
Cause: The suspended product of the cast product slurry is not good; the abrasive sinks; the local firing temperature is too high, so that the aluminum abrasive cutting disc are consistent on both sides.
Prevention method: Appropriately increase the starch to improve slurry uniformity; pay attention to maintain temperature uniformity.
Insufficient hardness
Cause: The material distribution is uneven when the material is being spread; the upper and lower density are inconsistent when the type is pressed; the thickness of the horn is inconsistent, and the parallelism of the China cutting disc for metal is too poor; the coarse-grained cutting piece of the pouring cutting piece is too much water, the water absorption speed of the gypsum board is too fast; the thick cutting There is no twist in the middle of the film.
Prevention method: should be evenly scraped; master a secondary pressure; the thickness of the horn should be consistent, the accuracy of the tooling should be guaranteed; the water content of the pouring mud and the water absorption speed of the gypsum board should be mastered; the middle of the thick cutting piece should be properly twisted.
Bad geometric accuracy
Cause: The tool holder is skewed when the knife is fed; the quality of the knife bowl is not too fast; the knife thread is severely worn; the card is not stuck; the high quality cutting disc supplier is not strictly processed during processing; the thickness of the bottom pad is inconsistent; Horizontal; the distribution of iron sand in the chassis is uneven; the process is unreasonable; the precision of the equipment is not enough.
Prevention method: repair the machine tool; pay attention to the quality of the knife bowl; overhaul the machine tool; pay attention to the center; then tighten after tightening; select the bottom pad of the same thickness; repair the machine tool, keep the level of the grinding disc; pay attention to the uniform distribution of iron sand; formulate a reasonable process; Guaranteed accuracy.

Concave deformation
Cause: The bottom plate and the gland are deformed; the drying is too urgent; the kiln is not flat.
Prevention method: pay attention to timely replacement when checking for over-difference; pay attention to master the drying curve

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