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Cutting piece installation inspection

Before use, the cutting piece must be visually inspected or audibly inspected by the user for cracking or damage. The inspection method is to suspend the cutting piece through the center hole (the lower quality) or place it on a flat hard ground. Use 200-300. The heavy raft is tapped and tapped on either side of the cutting piece, 45° perpendicular to the center line, 20-50 mm from the outer surface of the China cutting disc for metal. After the tapping, the cutting piece is rotated 45° and repeated once. If the cutting piece is crack-free, it will give a crisp sound and is allowed to be used. Those who make a muffled or mute sound are not allowed to use it. Visual inspection, if it is damaged, it is not allowed to use.
The high quality cutting disc supplier to be inspected must be dry and free of attachments, otherwise the inspection results will be affected.
Cutting piece installation
The cutting blade must be freely attached to the cutting blade spindle or the cutting blade chuck and maintain a proper clearance.
Shrinkage bushings are permitted when the cutting disc aperture is too large. The width of the bushing must not exceed the sides of the cutting piece and must not be less than one-half the thickness of the cutting piece. It is not allowed to use a shrink-hole bushing to install a cutting piece with a diameter larger than the maximum diameter allowed by the grinding machine.
A gasket made of a flexible material (such as an asbestos rubber sheet or the like) must be lined between the cutting piece and the pressing face of the cutting piece chuck, and has a thickness of 1 to 22 mm and a diameter of 2 mm larger than the diameter of the pressing surface.
When the cutting piece, the cutting spindle, the gasket and the cutting disc chuck are installed, the mating surface and the pressing surface should be kept clean without any attachment.
Pay attention to the tightness of the compression nut or screw during installation, and press it to the extent that it can drive the cutting piece without slipping, and prevent the damage of the cutting piece caused by excessive pressure. If there are multiple compression screws, tighten them in a diagonal order. The tightening force should be even. A force wrench should be used when conditions permit.
When more than one piece of the cutting piece is simultaneously mounted on one cutting piece chuck, the separating pieces are allowed to be separated by the separating piece. The diameter of the spacer and the size of the compression surface of the cutting blade must be equal to the cutting chuck. Specially manufactured cutting blades are allowed to be bonded or stacked together for installation.
A cutting piece with a diameter greater than or equal to 200 mm should be statically balanced after loading the cutting disc chuck. Static balance should be repeated when the cutting piece is trimmed after the first plastic dressing or when it is found to be unbalanced during work. The static cutting can be omitted without using the cutting blade.
After the cutting piece is mounted on the main shaft of the cutting piece, the cutting piece protective cover must be reinstalled, and the position of the protective plate on the aluminum abrasive cutting disc protective cover must be adjusted correctly, and it can be operated after tightening.
Newly installed cutting blades should be run at idle speed first. The idle running time is: diameter ≥ 400 mm, space running time is more than 5 minutes, diameter <400 mm, dry running time is more than 2 minutes. The operator should stand in a safe position during empty operation and should not stand in front of the cutting piece or in the tangential direction.

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