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Cutting sheet use process considerations

Side grinding problem The daily use of the cutting machine, we can often find that the operator does not divide the type of aluminum abrasive cutting disc, regardless of the type of cutting piece, and randomly use the side of the cutting piece for grinding, which seriously violates the safe operation rules. . It is not advisable to use the circumferential surface as the working surface to cut the piece. It is not suitable to use the side to grind. This kind of China cutting disc for metal has high radial strength and small axial strength. When the operator is too strong, the cutting piece will be broken and even hurt. Actually This behavior should be prohibited during use.
The frontal operation problem is used daily. Many operators are always used to operate on the cutting piece. The reason is that the direction can be used. In fact, this kind of behavior should be specifically prohibited. According to the operating procedure, when grinding the workpiece with the cutting machine, the operator should stand on the side of the cutting piece and not operate on the front side of the cutting piece, so as to avoid the cutting piece flying out or the cutting piece breaking and flying out and hurting when the cutting piece fails.
When operating the problem cutting machine, some operators, especially young operators, are extremely unsafe to operate in order to achieve fast grinding speed and excessive force. Any cutting piece has a certain strength, which is likely to cause the cutting piece to break, or even fly out and hurt, and one should prohibit the behavior.
The common daily operation of the joint operation problem occurs in this way. Some people use a high quality cutting disc supplier to operate at the same time in order to catch up with the production task and grab the working time. This kind of serious illegal operation should be strictly prohibited. When a cutting machine is not enough, it can be solved by adding a cutting machine. It is absolutely not allowed to share a cutting machine at the same time.

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