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Hand-held cutting blade application problem

Hand-held cutting blades are used in a wide range of applications. In addition to production and processing, there are many companies that use electrician temporary work.
Do you think it is safe to use a resin EN12413 cutting discs that is very common and simple to operate? In fact, the hand-held cutting piece looks ordinary.
Once the cutting piece is broken, the power of attack is not small!

Accident case
On the morning of January 17, 2017, Wang went to the construction site as usual. He came to work and picked up his familiar hand-held cutting piece to start work. Unexpectedly, the accident happened. The grinding wheel that is spinning at a rapid speed suddenly breaks, and the lobes carry a huge inertia. They fly to Wang with lightning speed. The lobes of the cutting piece directly penetrate the eyes of Wang and are embedded in his brain. He smashed his face into two halves and eventually died.

Hand-held cutting blades have the following major risk hazards
1. Object blows (cutting pieces break and blow out to hurt people)
2. Electric shock (the power cord is damaged and the metal part is leaking)
3. Mechanical damage (cutting of the cutting piece in operation)
4. Fire, explosion (sparks generated by cutting or grinding ignite flammable materials and hazardous chemicals causing fire or even explosion)

Handheld cutting sheet considerations

1 must use a cutting piece with a protective cover;

2 Class II hand-held power tools should be used. Class II power tools use double insulation or reinforced insulation to prevent electric shock. The nameplate has a “back” type mark;

3 Check whether the cutting piece is in good condition before use; the grinding wheel that is damp, deformed, cracked, broken, edged or touched with oil or alkali should not be used. Moist cut pieces should not be used by themselves. The grinding wheel and the padding pad should be installed securely and the nut should not be too tight.

4 When operating, the operator must wear protective glasses and helmets correctly. When using the angle grinder, hold the hands with both hands. It is strictly forbidden to wear the workpiece.

5 During operation, personnel should not stand in front of the cutting piece and should stand on the side; if the working time is too long and the temperature rises, it should be stopped and then cooled naturally before operation.

6 When using the flat abrasive cutting disc, remember that the force is too strong. The blade should be held steady and then pressed by the switch. Slowly contact the sanding surface and apply force. It is forbidden to suddenly touch the rotating grinding wheel to the grinding surface, or to press the grinding head to grind it hard. It is not allowed to press the grinding head on the grinding surface and then press the switch to avoid collapse of the grinding wheel and to injure people.

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