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What are the influencing factors of the blockage of the cutting piece?

The influence of the flat abrasive cutting disc itself on the clogging, the different chemical affinity of the different abrasives and the workpiece material are different. The grinding temperature is different, and the grinding force is different. In order to reduce the clogging degree, different workpiece materials should be selected for different workpiece materials.
Grinding iron-carbon alloy with corundum abrasive, carbon forms a thin oxide film in the air and oxygen, which can effectively prevent the chemical affinity between the workpiece and the abrasive. However, grinding the titanium alloy is more serious. It is. The thermal stability of the abrasive also has a significant effect on the clogging, and the abrasive with good thermal stability is much lighter than the clogging with poor thermal stability. When grinding titanium alloy with cubic boron nitride abrasive, the grinding efficiency is several times higher than that of the white jade abrasive cutting piece.

Under the premise of the same abrasive grain size, the finer the abrasive, the more the abrasive grain size in the circumference of the resin EN12413 cutting discs, the more uniform, the more the number of pores, but the smaller the volume of a single pore, in the same grinding parameters Next, the fine cutting piece is easily clogged. In semi-finishing and fine grinding, the number of cuttings is large, the amount of cutting is small, the temperature is low, the clogging is light, and a fine cutting piece is often selected. In rough grinding, the cutting amount is large, the grinding temperature is high, and the grinding debris and the sintered material which are clogged in the pores are many, and the coarse cutting piece should be selected.
The hardness of the binder and the hardness cutting piece refers to the difficulty of the abrasive particles falling off, which is ensured by the strength of the adhesive, and they have a great influence on the clogging of the cutting piece. The higher the strength of the binder, the greater the hardness of the cutting piece, the more the granules are blunt, the more severe the scratching and extrusion of the workpiece before the abrasive particles fall off, and the grinding debris is more easily mechanically filled into the pores of the cutting piece. The grinding debris in the gap of the cutting piece exacerbates the friction and extrusion of the cutting piece on the workpiece material, and the grinding debris is strengthened in the process. This process is accompanied by more frictional heat, which provides the adhesive blockage. Fused material. Therefore, the higher the hardness of the cutting piece, the more serious the blockage. Therefore, when grinding difficult workpiece materials, choose a softer cutting piece.

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