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Resin grinding disc cutting precautions

fast cheap metal grinding disc 

The fast cheap metal grinding disc works mainly for grinding. The grinding disc is divided into many different types according to different classification methods. The resin grinding disc is one of them. The resin grinding disc is a grinding disc processed by a bonding agent. The effect of different grinding discs is different. The grinding disc should also be operated according to the corresponding operation method to ensure the working quality and efficiency of the fast cheap metal grinding disc. On the resin grinding disc, we will introduce the problems to be paid attention to during the use. Let’s see it!

  1. Before using the resin fast cheap metal grinding disc, be sure to check the product for cracks, products and dumb sounds. If it is, it cannot be used.
  2. The speed of the grinding disc must not exceed the specified safe working line speed.
  3. Do not use the end face grinding disc exclusively. Please do not work with the end face of the grinding disc.
  4. When the fast cheap metal grinding disc is working on the workpiece, please do not push the workpiece with the lever to increase the pressure on the grinding disc.
  5. Special dressing tools should be used for dressing the grinding disc. Operators must wear protective goggles when trimming.
  6. In the grinding process, the coolant should be used correctly; if the coolant is not used, there must be a dustproof device.
  7. Each piece of resin grinding disc is marked with high use and line speed. Before installing the machine, be sure to confirm the speed of the machine. Do not exceed the speed marked on the fast cheap metal grinding disc to ensure that the machine has perfect protection device, the center hole of the grinding disc and the center axis of the grinding disc. Must match, otherwise it cannot be used.
  8. The flanges on both sides of the fast cheap metal grinding disc must have the same shape and size. The flange diameter should meet the requirements, and there should be grooves on both sides.
  9. When installing and fixing, be sure to be tight and appropriate. After the installation is completed, start the machine to idle for about one minute. No abnormality can be used.
  10. Whether it is grinding or not, the pressure given should be uniform. It is strictly forbidden to collide with the workpiece when the grinding disc is adjusted and rotated. When entering the knife, it should be gradually progressive. When cutting large diameter workpieces, reduce the contact surface between the fast cheap metal grinding disc and the workpiece.


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