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Where is the super thin 115 cutting disc used?


Where is the super thin 115 cutting disc used? There are many uses, and woodworkers, bricklayers,


and welders are commonly used. Mounted on the woodworking saw blade is a smart portable woodworking


saw, which can be handled by simple woodworking. Many masters who install the floor use it. Mounted


on the grinding wheel is a small portable grinding wheel cutting machine, which can cut and polish


small metal parts, and it is indispensable for making metal processing such as stainless steel


security window and light box. Can not be separated from it is still engaged in stone processing and


installation, can be installed a series of marble cutting, polishing, wool wheel, etc., cutting,


polishing, polishing depends on it! At the same time, similar to the cutting piece, there is a 4 1/2 


super thin cutting disc.

The cutting machine piece is very useful:

Thickness grinding wheel—-can grind metal; thin grinding wheel—–cutting metal; diamond saw


blade—–cutting cement, ceramic, stone, wall; alloy saw blade—–grinding Turning tool; wire


brush head—–cleaning stubborn;

The cutting piece is a hand-held power tool for cutting, grinding and polishing. The power unit for


the cutting blade can be an electric motor, a gasoline engine or compressed air. The noise of the


cutting piece is between 91 and 103 decibels in sound power level.

The cutting piece is basically used for cutting or grinding. There are many types of cutting sheets


for various jobs and various materials, such as: cutting blades (diamond blades), wire wheel


brushes, polishing sheets, polishing sheets, woodworking saw blades, marble cutting sheets, and


aluminum alloy cutting sheets.

Cutting blades are widely used in the metalworking and construction industries, as well as emergency


rescue work. Usually found in workshops, garages or car repair shops. There are many types of


cutting discs. The most important factor is to choose the angle grinder and how powerful the motor


is. The other factors can be considered whether the power is electric or pneumatic, the speed and


the shaft size.

The larger the cutting piece, the greater the electric power demand. There are many specifications


for this cutting piece, and there are many companies that can be customized in China. Pneumatic


cutting blades are usually small, which is determined by the factors of pneumatic cutting. Pneumatic


cutting blades are relatively light and suitable for higher precision work. The pneumatic cutting


blades do not contain motors and can be used underwater. They are widely used. Although the


pneumatic cutting piece is small, the weight is light but the power is still strong. Electric


cutting edge is usually used for large, heavy work. However, there are also small electric angle


grinders and large pneumatic cutting blades.

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