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The effect of diamond depressed grinding disc for metal on the tool

depressed grinding disc for metal

The quality of diamond depressed grinding disc for metal is one of the important factors that can improve the processing productivity and surface quality of the products. Therefore, in high-end CNC machining centers, a high-efficiency composite tool can be used to replace multiple single-function tools, and it can automatically process complex-shaped workpieces according to the machining program, thus improving production efficiency. , surface quality and reduced production costs play a very good effect.


It is reported that the use of advanced and efficient abrasive grinding disc tools can significantly improve the cutting efficiency, and the increase in tool costs is far less than the decline in production costs. At the same time, advanced and efficient tools can effectively reduce various benefits such as tool change time and product quality. Therefore, considering the comprehensive consideration, the use of advanced and efficient tools is very effective in improving processing efficiency and reducing the production cost. Research and development and application of new advanced and abrasive grinding disc tools are one of the development trends of machining in the future.


Then, when grinding the high-efficiency tool, when the material, structure, and shape of the tool and the selection of the grinding machine are all determined, the diamond grinding disc becomes an important factor in determining the success or failure of the machining. The technical content of the depressed grinding disc for metal and the quality of the depressed grinding disc for metal also determine whether it can produce high-quality abrasive grinding disc tools that meet the design requirements.


When it comes to diamond depressed grinding disc for metal, although the processing efficiency of ultra-high temperature resin bond diamond grinding discs is lower than that of METROX grinding discs, the bonding strength of diamond grinding discs is high, the production cycle is short, and the processing cost is low, especially when grinding the cutting edge of the tool. In the case of chipping, it can also be ground into various shaped grinding wheels according to the requirements of use. Therefore, diamond grinding discs are still widely used in production.

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