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How to reduce noise during the production process of cutting disc

China cutting disc for metal generate noise during the production process. Working in this environment for a long time can endanger human health. Therefore, it is necessary to take corresponding measures to reduce noise. What should be done?
1. Sealing treatment of the sound absorbing panel: Since the sealing process of the entire Jindebao low price disc for metal production line is to splicing a plurality of small sound absorbing panels into one closed body, in order to ensure the noise reduction effect, it is necessary to control the sound absorbing sounds during design and manufacture. The gap between the plates is generally 1 to 2 mm. In order to prevent noise from passing through these gaps to affect the effect of noise reduction, sealant is usually used for gap sealing.
Second, ventilation treatment: Due to the heat generated by the operation of Jindebao cutting disc equipment, combined with the insulation properties of the sound absorbing material glass wool, the temperature inside the production line is often 3 to 5 °C higher than the outside. When implementing the noise reduction project, an exhaust fan is usually installed on the top of the sound insulation wall to remove the hot air in the enclosed space, so that a negative pressure is formed inside, and the outside air can flow into the interior through the sound insulation wall. Use a low-noise fan when selecting the exhaust fan to avoid affecting the noise reduction effect.
3. Reverberation time and noise value determination: Reverberation time refers to the time when the indoor sound reaches a steady state, and the residual sound is reciprocally reflected in the room and absorbed through the wall after the sound source stops sounding. The longer the reverberation time, the more the sound is reflected in the workshop, the energy decay is slow, and the workshop with long reverberation time under the same sound source is more noisy than the workshop with short reverberation time.
Fourth, the choice of sound-absorbing materials: the sound-insulation board has a total of 5 parts, the noise enters the sound-absorbing cotton through the small hole of the perforated plate, part of the vibration is converted into heat energy by the vibration of the glass wool wire, and the other part is insulated by the outer steel plate. The purpose of sharing the suction.
(1) An outer layer steel plate having a thickness of 2 mm serves as a sound insulating and supporting function, and is an outer surface of the sound absorbing panel.
(2) The fiberboard is attached to the outside of the sound absorbing cotton to prevent the sound absorbing cotton from falling.
(3) The middle part of the sound absorbing panel is a sound absorbing material, and the material is a glass wool product for absorbing sound energy.
(4) The sound-transmitting film is attached to both sides of the sound absorbing cotton to prevent moisture and prevent the sound absorbing cotton filament from falling off the mesh of the inner perforated plate.
5. Lighting treatment: Since the interior of the equipment is isolated from the external workshop after the implementation of the closed project, it is necessary to increase the lighting system in the enclosed body. In order to ensure the lighting required for production and maintenance of the later equipment, the design illumination reaches more than 500 lumens. The enclosed lighting system is individually wired and independently switched to ensure ease of use and does not affect the original power supply system.
The above five methods are commonly used in the production of 5 inch resin cutting disc for metal to eliminate noise, and the effect is relatively good. You can refer to them.

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