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Understand the resin EN12413 cutting piece balance process technology

When using the resin EN12413 cutting discs for production, pay attention to the process technology, and grasp the content of these aspects to produce high-quality products. So we have to pay attention to the corresponding problems, the following is a summary of this aspect, we can refer to.
If you find that the cutting piece is running at high speed, the vibration is severe when the handle is held, and the cutting efficiency is lowered, which may be caused by the imbalance of the cutting piece. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the balance when installing the cutting piece.
After the cutting piece is mounted on the flange, the flange is placed on the mandrel and placed on the gimbal rail. If it is unbalanced, the heavier part of the cutting piece will always turn to the bottom, move the balance block position inside the ring tip of the flange, balance the center of the cutting piece, and repeat until the cutting piece is free on the guide rail. The position can be still, and the cutting piece reaches a static balance. When installing a new cutting piece, the cutting piece is statically balanced twice. After a static balance, install the grinder and trim the shape of the cutting piece with a diamond pen, then remove the cutting piece and perform a static balance before installation.
The low price disc for metal is only balanced to ensure product quality and protection of the machine and machine. Therefore, we should pay attention to the above summary, the processing of each detail will affect the final use effect, so we should pay attention to these aspects.
The China cutting disc for metal mainly means that the bonding agent of the dicing sheet is a resin. The same is a resin cut sheet, but the dressing method is different depending on the abrasive. Today we will introduce the following three resin cutting sheets:
First, corundum abrasives, this kind of cutting piece usually does not need to be trimmed, relying on the self-sharpness of the cutting piece to carry out the sand falling off, and the corresponding compensation can be carried out continuously. That is to say, at the beginning of the new cutting piece, it is simple to trim in order to balance.
Second, the diamond abrasive, the trimming of this cutting piece, can not use the cutting piece to trim the pen, but to rely on softer, more viscous things to trim, such as A3. Iron, oil stone and so on.
Third, the cubic boron nitride abrasive, the trimming of the cutting piece can refer to the trimming method of the second cutting piece.
Resin cutting discs should pay attention to the above details when repairing the end face. Every detail should be paid extra attention, so that it can be used more smoothly in later use, and various problems will be reduced during use.

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