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Types and attribute marks of grinding wheels

There are so many kinds of high quality metal grinding disc. There are so many kinds of grinding wheels. It’s hard to remember all kinds of grinding wheels. But we can’t remember all of them. We can just remember some of them. The grinding wheels are made up of binder, abrasive and matrix.


The three elements can be made up of many different components. Various grinding wheels are classified into resin grinding wheels, ceramic bonded grinding wheels and rubber bonded grinding wheels, cylindrical grinding wheels, cup-shaped grinding wheels, bowl-shaped grinding wheels, butterfly-shaped grinding wheels, beveled high quality metal grinding discs and parallel grinding wheels according to the bonding agent.


Diamond grinding wheels, boron nitride grinding wheels and tungsten steel grinding wheels.

The material used in high quality metal grinding discs to bond abrasives is called binding agent. The strength, impact resistance, heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the grinding wheel are mainly determined by the properties of the binder.


Grinding wheel logo: Grinding wheel and other products have their own logo, what are their logo, the following explains for you one by one.


The shape of the grinding wheel is represented by SPA; the outer diameter is denoted by the initials D of the English word, of course, the diameter of the hole is also D, because of all the diameters; the thickness of the high quality metal grinding disc is denoted by the English initials H; the abrasive is denoted by the abrasive initials A of the grinding wheel; its hardness is denoted by L; and the binder is denoted by B. Others are expressed directly by data.



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