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Tips for choosing dog toys

At all stages of their lives, dogs need to play. To do this, they use all kinds of objects that they can handle with their jaws, truffles or paws. There is a wide variety of toys on the market specially designed for dogs. Their shapes, textures and behaviors determine the attractiveness of animals for these products.

The game is one of the main needs of the dog, almost like eating, drinking and sleeping. Since boredom is particularly destructive for the animal, playing allows him to maintain his physical and mental balance . Whatever his age, the dog likes to spend part of his day having fun.

When he does not have any congeners with which he can do it and if you are not present, the dog will systematically turn to objects that can drag, shake, chew, etc. The best is to give him one or more toys that will focus his attention, help him fight the boredom and you will avoid having other damaged objects. The challenge is to choose the right toys.

The importance of play and toys

Play and toys are important for the dog in many ways. On the physical level, they allow the animal to expend itself , to strengthen its muscles and its skeleton , to improve its coordination , as well as all of its mechanical and cardio-respiratory faculties.

At the psychic level, they are crucial for the  development of the animal. They are decisive during the puppy ‚s education , since it is through these exercises and objects that he learns to interact with his environment, his congeners and the other living beings that surround him. He thus acquires the sense of limits: his own and those vis-à-vis others.

It is by nibbling his mother, his brothers and sisters, by jostling them and receiving the same treatment from them that he will know that he will not have to go too far, on pain of being called to order. Toys are the tools, the vectors of learning. They are both substitute game partners and experimental supports for the dog.

Choose according to your age

In dogs, as in humans, there is a type of toy for every age. The morphology of the dog and the degree of development of his psychomotor abilities condition the choice of the object to give him.

For example, chew balls and squeaks are more intended for puppies who have been used to playing with their mother, siblings. Chew toys and bouncers are suitable for older dogs who need to deal with stress while preserving their dental health.

The toys that can be thrown (sticks, Frisbees, etc.) are aimed more at adult dogs who are in full possession of their physical means.

A toy adapted to its teething

The toy to choose for his dog must also be adapted to his jaw. The smaller dogs such as Chihuahuas , Yorkshires and Pekingers obviously can not do much with a big stiff ball. Just as a Rottweiler should not have a small object to handle, running the danger of being suffocated by swallowing it.

Toys to avoid

Which brings us to evoke the potentially dangerous toys for the dog, and that you must therefore avoid at all costs. Objects with small parts , for example, can be detrimental to the animal as they can be swallowed.

Other toys may cause strangulation in the dog by surrounding him (long cords or strings) or being stuck in the back of his throat (small balls, etc.). The materials used to make the object are also to be monitored. Some toxic components (paints, solvents, etc.) can poison the dog by being chewed.

It is therefore best to choose natural fiber toys and systematically throw out those that have been damaged.

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