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The development history of automatic forming technology for resin wheel

Everything is constantly evolving, even human beings are no exception, let alone other equipment or instruments, tools, resin grinding wheel is an important grinding and cutting tool in the manufacturing industry, of course, is also developed step by step. Today I want to talk about how the automatic molding technology of China long life grinding wheel developed.

As early as the early 80s of the last century, people in the industry explored and tried this technology. At that time, China imported an automatic molding press from abroad. This machine is quite compact in design. It differs from ordinary press only by adding a feed system.

Its working principle is: put the mixture into the hopper above, through vibration, fall on the conveyor belt, scrape flat, and then adjust the speed of transmission, eventually the material will be sent to the weighing hopper, weighing accurately and then put the material into the cavity.

The design principle seems to be effective in improving production efficiency. But there is a practical problem: no matter how to adjust, it always fails to achieve the ideal level of design. Because the slice China long life grinding wheel feeding is not like smelting corundum, silicon carbide, the raw material error cannot be too large, through conveyor belt feeding, to weigh accurately is not an easy thing, repeated adjustments, not only can not improve efficiency but waste a lot of time. Now we use a compromise method, bypassing the more difficult feed system, artificial feed, using a multi-station press, labor intensity is reduced, production efficiency can also be guaranteed.

The ideal feed system needs to be improved and developed. Once mastered, this technology will enable the production of thin-section China long life grinding wheels, like the production of coated abrasives, to be efficient, fast, fully mechanized and automated, bringing tremendous changes to the thin-section market.


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