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How to choose a high quality cutting discs

The grinding wheel is a fixed abrasive, a tool with a certain shape and a certain grinding ability, made of abrasive (abrasive material) and adhesive. Therefore, the finished product of the fixed abrasive includes a cutting member, a sanding member, a grinding head with a handle, a grinding wheel, and the like. Here we mainly explain the manufacturing process, characteristics and safe use specifications of aluminum abrasive cutting disc and polishing sheets.

1, the type of cutting parts
The cutting sheets can be classified into a fiber resin cutting sheet and a diamond cutting sheet. It is made of fiberglass and resin and is a resin-cut sheet with high tensile, impact and flexural strength as a reinforcing bonding material. Widely used in the cutting of ordinary steel, stainless steel metal and non-metal materials!
Among them, due to the different materials for cutting metal, such as the cutting of soft metals such as aluminum, there are cutting pieces such as aluminum and stone cutting sheets:

Due to the environmental factors of cutting and polishing, such as nuclear power, thermal power plants and other operating environment requirements that may pose a safety hazard, customized metal cutting disc need to be chemically safe without iron, sulfur and halogen. Effective, so the nuclear power industry has a special cut. Sheets can also be used for metal cutting of various carbon steel stainless steels, alloy steels, cast irons, etc.:

2, the composition of the cutting parts
The dicing sheet is a porous body which is obtained by bonding an abrasive with a binder, pressing it, drying and baking. Due to the differences in abrasives, adhesives and manufacturing processes, high quality cutting parts must be considered in the selection, processing and manufacturing process. The properties of the dicing sheet are primarily determined by factors such as abrasive, particle size, binder, hardness, texture, shape and size. Among them, alumina is often used for abrasives, and only the abrasive part actually participates in cutting and grinding!

3, the specifications of the cutting parts
The overall rules for the cutting and polishing parts are not much different. Due to its different application methods, the grinding parts are relatively thick and more durable under grinding conditions, but the cutting parts are used for longitudinal cutting and cannot be used as grinding parts unless the grinding wheel parts have the following functions: cutting in the design And grinding, otherwise any behavior that is not designed according to the product itself is dangerous.

4, the characteristics of the cutting piece
Due to the manufacturing process, the 6 inch es cutting disc has good elasticity and polishing effect, and has good self-sharpness, high cutting efficiency, low cutting temperature, high surface smoothness and durability, so the application range is very wide.

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