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Characteristics of tool sharpening and types of cutters

In the process of cutting gold scraps, the worn tool cannot continue to use, must pass through the depressed grinding disc for metal grinding this process. The quality of grinding will directly affect the cutting performance of the tool and the quality of the workpiece to be processed. The purpose of grinding is to make the cutting part of the tool have the correct geometry again so that the cutting edge has a higher sharpness and durability.

1 the basic principle of tool sharpening. The following principles should be observed when China abrasive tools for metal.

(1) To know the geometric angle and technical requirement of the tool and determine the grinding method.

(2) choose the right depressed grinding disc for metal according to the geometry, material and processing requirements of the tool.

(3) When grinding, the relative position of the cutter and the grinding wheel on the grinder should be adjusted accurately to ensure the correct geometry of the cutter.

(4) choose suitable cutting volume according to cutting tool material and processing requirement, and avoid burn knife.

(5) In the grinding process, take good grinding wheel dressing time, too early dressing waste, too late dressing wheel passivation, so that the grinding surface burn.

(6) dry milling is adopted for one ship. When wet grinding is used, there must be sufficient cutting and tucking.

  1. The characteristics of China abrasive tools for metal are compared with other grinding tools.

(1) Grinding cutters are carried out on the depressed grinding disc for the metal machine, turning tool grinding machine and omnipotent tool broach, gear cutter, forming cutter and other special tools in the special grinding machine grinding.

(2) The purpose of sharpening the tool is to make the edge of the tool sharp, complete and smooth. Therefore, the tool cannot be burned and annealed in the grinding process, and cannot be scratched towards the edge in the skidding process. After grinding, the tool must be stored in a timely manner.

(3) In addition to strictly calculating the size of the grinding tool, great attention should also be paid to the shape and position of the tool, such as tooth straightness, radial runout, tooth and shank axis, etc. to meet the requirements of smooth edge design.

(4) In the process of China abrasive tools for metal, the operator’s head is close to the grinding wheel, and the grinding tool lathe is often wet, so the grinder should wear safety protective equipment, with special emphasis on wearing protective restraints, mouth Liao, and avoid the grinding wheel to stand in the direction of rotation.

  1. the type of cutting tool is the tool for cutting redundant materials. There are many kinds of tweezers and various forms.

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