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What are the cutting techniques for the T41 4-inch cutting disc?

With the rapid development of the electronics industry, the application range of wafers is
getting larger and larger, and wafer processing is paying more and more attention. The
consumption of semiconductor materials reflects the scale and technological level of a
country’s IC manufacturing industry. The production of silicon materials and the level of
silicon wafer production represent the basic strength of a country’s IC industry materials.
Compared with developed countries, China is still far behind in wafer processing, and most
of the wafers are imported. Research on wafers has focused on the grinding process, and
there has been little research on wafer cutting technology. The T41 4-inch cutting disc
size plays a big role in cutting technology. So what is its cutting technology? Let’s take
a look.
Common methods for wafer cutting are: external cutting, internal cutting and wire cutting.
When the outer circle is cut, the blade is too thin and radially receives the pressure of
the crystal, and is easily deformed and laterally oscillated, so that the loss of the
crystal material is large and the crystal face is not flat. Therefore, the outer circular
cutting is mainly used for directional cutting and large-scale material shaping cutting of
long crystals with large crystal deflection. Inner circle cutting and wire cutting are the
two main methods of wafer cutting. This paper introduces the main problems of these two
wafer cutting equipments and tools, and analyzes the cutting system. Based on this, some
improved methods are introduced. In addition to the T41 cutting piece, the 105 * 1.2 * 16 cutting disc piece is also the cutting technology we currently use.
At present, the medium and small size wafer cutting mainly adopts the inner circle cutting
method, which is to plate the diamond abrasive as the cutting edge in the inner diameter of
the blade, as shown in FIG. When the inner circle is cut, the cutting blade is driven by
the spindle to rotate at a high speed while being fed radially relative to the workpiece.
The advantages of the inner circle cutting technology are: (1) the cutting precision is
high, the thickness difference of the 300 mm diameter wafer is only 0.01 mm; (2) the
slicing cost is low, and the price of the inner circular slicer of the same specification
is the price of the wire cutting machine 1 /3-1/4; (3) Each piece can be adjusted for
crystal orientation and slice thickness; (4) Flexible adjustment when small batch and
multi-size processing. The disadvantages are: (1) the surface damage layer of the wafer is
large; (2) the knife edge is wide and the material loss is large; (3) the productivity is
low, and only one piece is cut at a time.
The large diameter of the wafer, on the one hand, increases the curvature of the wafer, on
the other hand increases the vibration during the cutting process, how to improve the
equipment and select reasonable process parameters, and control these two indicators, which
becomes the main problem of wafer cutting. The quality of the inner-circle-cut wafers can
be improved by sophisticated saw blade control and sensor technology. Reducing the lateral
vibration of the cutting line, increasing the rigidity of the cutting line, etc. can
improve the wire cutting. It is the main research topic of wafer cutting to systematically
study the wafer cutting mechanism and process rules, improve the performance of the cutting
system, and improve the quality and efficiency of wafer cutting.


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