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Choosing reasonable grinding parameters

Taking the UWIE21 2 CNC tool grinder (15kW) of SAACKE Corporation of Germany as an example, the linear velocity of diamond China long life grinding wheel in grooving process (grooving) is 14~20m/s, the axial feed speed is 50~200mm/min, the radial feed is 210~510mm, and the fine grinding is 0.2 mm.


The linear speed of diamond long life grinding wheel is 14-24 m/s, the axial feed speed of machine tool is 100-400 m/min, the radial feed of machine tool is 0.3-1.0 mm, and the precision grinding is 0.05-0.1 mm. When grinding the front and rear surfaces, no feed return light grinding is used to improve the surface roughness. If imported grinding wheels are selected, it is allowed to choose higher linear speed and larger radial feed than domestic grinding wheel for stainless steels.

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