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Importance of cooling of diamond wheels

Now, I shares the importance of cooling diamond wheels.


The progress of industrialization has promoted the development of the times. More and more high-tech products emerge as the times require. In the hardware industry, dressing pens are gradually replaced by diamond dressing wheels. Our company is developing better and better in this series of diamond grinding wheels. Work is very important. It is also important to protect diamond wheels and grinding wheels and prolong their life.


Coolant nozzle is one of the most important designs in the manufacture of difficult and complicated workpieces. If coolant leaves the nozzle and does not reach the contact point directly, it will be released during the operation of diamond grinding wheels.


There is an inestimable serious consequence, so we should try to keep the coolant close to the circumferential speed of the high quality metal grinding disc and the contact point of the regenerative cooling. In the dressing line, the coolant nozzle must be installed because it is relatively important for the liquid between the contact points, between the grinding wheel and the wheel, in the direction of wheel rotation. Controlled cooling nozzle is a very important link in the optimization design of cooling nozzle, otherwise it will have incalculable benefits.


Above introduced the diamond fast cheap metal grinding disc in the production process of cooling link is also very important, so the installation of cooling system is also related to the life of diamond grinding wheel and operator safety issues, today we first briefly said, there will be more and more knowledge and technical operation of diamond grinding wheel slowly announced. I want to tell you all, and I hope you can keep an eye on us at any time!


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