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Hazards and preventive measures of grinding wheel at high speed operation

In the use and management of grinding wheel machines, many grinding wheel manufacturers have many potential safety hazards, if not paid attention to and improved, it is very easy to occur casualties. Grinding wheels are usually made of abrasives, adhesives and reinforcing materials. When grinding wheels rotate at high speed, they will do harm to the human body. To reduce and prevent the occurrence of injury accidents, it is necessary to understand and master the hazard manifestations of high-speed grinding wheel rotation, and to formulate preventive measures. What points should be emphasized in routine maintenance?


  1. Depressed grinding disc in stock loading, unloading and placement, such as water immersed in phenolic resin bonded grinding wheel, will reduce the strength of the wheel; and ceramic bonded grinding wheel, very sensitive to temperature changes, uneven absorption of moisture, will make the wheel out of balance. Therefore, when loading and unloading, should be carefully lightly placed, and placed in a dry place with shelter, in order to maintain the normal state of the grinding wheel.


  1. The installation of grinding wheel, generally should correctly choose the grinding wheel match with the spindle speed of the grinder. The fit clearance between the inner hole of the 4.5 inches grinding wheel and the spindle should not be too tight, generally controlled between 0.05-0.1 mm; flanges should be installed on both sides of the grinding wheel, the diameter should not be less than 1/3 of the diameter of the grinding wheel, and the pad should be padded; when screwing nuts, special wrench should not be used to screw too tight, and striking is strictly prohibited. In addition, shield, baffle and bracket should be installed. The clearance between the baffle and the bracket and the grinding wheel should be kept within 1-3mm and slightly below the center of the grinding wheel. After installation, it will run for 5-10 minutes, and the test process should be carefully observed. After wet grinding, the grinding wheel should be idled for a period of time, and the water should be thrown away. Because the water will backlog the lower part and cause the grinding wheel imbalance, the explosion will happen next time.


  1. The setting direction of the grinding wheel machine, general maintenance operations using ordinary, or metal cutting technology frequently in the workplace, should be installed near the grinding wheel machine. And its orientation should consider the low price grinding disc after breaking out of the direction, as far as possible to reduce the area of personnel activity, in case of accidents. Furthermore, it is necessary to formulate a practical management system, which kind of employees, what kind of technology, how to process, should be specified in detail. Problems can be verified, loopholes can be made up, and responsibilities are fulfilled.


  1. In daily use, the operator of high quality grinding disc machine is not allowed to wear gloves, but the most important thing is to wear goggles to prevent the influence of metal dust and metal chips. People should stand on the side of the grinder, and the workpiece should not be too strong to avoid accidents due to uneven force of the wheel. During the operation, it is strictly prohibited to dismantle the protective cover, baffle and bracket according to the stipulations, and to strengthen on-site supervision, discover and correct violations and prevent accidents in the future.


  1. Check the 4.5 inches grinding disc before use. Before the grinding wheel machine is not installed, the mallet can be used to tap the grinding wheel, the perfect ceramic grinding wheel will produce a crisp sound; organic binder grinding wheel. It will make a deep noise. The defective wheel will sound cracked, but it can not be used.


In short, we need to understand the harm caused by the high-speed operation of the grinding wheel, so we should pay attention to the corresponding treatment measures when using, only cautious can be in a safe state in later use, so we must pay attention to this link.

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