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This Battery Technology, Inc (BTI) HP-EB8460P-2 BTI Laptop Battery for HP Compaq EliteBook 8470P (B6P96EA) – 4400 mAh – Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) – 10.8 V DC listing reflects the special pricing for federal government customers including Defense Contract Audit Agency, Veteran Affairs, Veterans Affairs Department (VA), Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA), Veterans Day National Committee, Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Veterans’ Employment and Training Service (VETS), Vietnam Education Foundation, Voice of America (VOA), US Army, Army Corps of Engineers, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, etc.As a nearly constant traveler I’ve been looking for something like the Surface Go all my life. I’ve lugged around everything from massive ThinkPads to iPad Pros and I’ve always found myself stuck in one of two situations – the laptops that made the most sense were too heavy to be comfortably portable and the tablets and ultraportables I used, including the Surface Pro, offered too much of a performance trade-off to warrant swapping from a full desktop device.

I tried a number of other laptops over the past year including my daily driver, the TouchBar-powered MacBook Pro, as well as a Lenovo’s oddly designed YogaBooks. Nothing quite clicked. The trade offs were always drastic. Wanted power? Sacrifice weight. Wanted thin and light? Sacrifice the keyboard. Want battery life and compatibility? Sacrifice the desktop experience. So when the Surface Go came out I wasn’t too excited.When you’re looking for a laptop to use on the move, there are three main points to consider: size, weight and battery life.The best laptops for travelling are compact, but designed with extra narrow bezels to allow for a larger screen. They’re also super slim, and will slip into a big or briefcase as easily as a magazine, and crafted from aluminium to keep things as light as possible. They also last hours on a single charge, so you can keep working all day without stopping to plug in.

Thankfully, there’s a great selection of laptops that hit all these criteria, including convenient 2-in-1 devices, powerful ultrabooks, and affordable Chromebooks. Whatever your needs, and wherever you’re going, we’ve found your perfect travelling companion.This convertible device can be switched between tablet and laptop modes via the removable keyboard, and Windows 10 adapts accordingly to suit each configuration. It’s light and slender either way, and makes no compromises on performance.The Surface Book 2 13.5-inch is available in a variety of configurations, but even the base model is equipped with a powerful 7th-gen Intel Core i5 processor, discrete graphics and 8GB RAM.This is undoubtedly a luxury device and is priced accordingly, but it’ll serve you well for years to come – wherever your travels take you.

There are lots of great reasons to drive electric. The modern plug-in electric vehicle (EV) is quiet, saves on fuel costs, requires little maintenance, and comes with thousands of dollars in purchase incentives. Downsides still exist, though. Public charging is sparse in many areas, EVs can cost more, and most available EVs are small and mid-size cars that may not suit all needs. But there’s one frequent concern that isn’t really a problem: battery life.Worrying about EV battery life is understandable. We’ve all had a phone or laptop battery die on us way too soon. When hybrid gas-electric vehicles like the Toyota Prius first came to market almost 20 years ago, there was broad skepticism about whether hybrid batteries would last as long as advertised. But the costly battery failures never materialized. Consumer Reports gave very high reliability ratings to every single Prius model. In 2011, Consumer Reports tested a first generation 9-year-old Prius with more than 200,000 miles on it and found that the car performed nearly identically to when it was new.

Modern EVs have different battery chemistries than early hybrid batteries, so it’s reasonable to pose the reliability question again. The answer is the same, for two reasons. First, battery technology has continued to improve in reliability even as it has gotten much cheaper. Research funded by the U.S. Department of Energy over many years focused on extending the number of times a vehicle battery can be charged—into the thousands. Heat is the enemy of battery longevity, so leading automakers (with more federal research and development support) have innovated thermal management systems that protect EV batteries even in harsh conditions. There have been few rigorous, published studies of EV battery life in the real world, in part because few EVs have been around long enough to generate enough data. But it is clear that the longest-serving EVs have generally held their battery capacity well. Newer vehicles with larger battery capacities should perform even better since they accumulate more miles between charges and don’t discharge deeply as often.

Second, strong policies have been enacted to protect consumers. In California, automakers are required to warranty EV batteries for 10 years or 150,000 miles. Most manufacturers offer strong warranties in other U.S. states, demonstrating the confidence they now have in their technology more broadly. A 2016 review by the Department of Energy found that the most common EV battery warranty at the time was 8 years or 100,000 miles. This admittedly doesn’t cover the likely full life of an EV, but it’s the same as or better than most conventional vehicle warranties. In any case, by the time a battery is out of warranty, technology improvements will have cut battery-replacement costs substantially.

Now California is set to take the next step and focus on used EVs. Assembly Bill (AB) 193 passed the state legislature and was sent to the Governor’s desk on August 28, 2018. If signed into law by Governor Brown, this bill would give anyone who buys a used EVs a rebate to replace the EV’s battery if necessary. This would further increase consumer confidence in EVs and would help expand EV access to lower-income Americans, who are more likely to buy used cars.EVs (along with shared and automated vehicles) are one of the pillars of the 3 Revolutions in transportation. Each of these pillars has the potential to significantly change transportation for the better. If you’re interested in buying an EV and experiencing some of these benefits firsthand, battery reliability is not a reason to wait.

The Global Prismatic Cell Battery Market research report 2018 provides a holistic vision of the worldwide market also estimates the current industry state, demands, and the business strategies implemented by market players.The Prismatic Cell Battery report studied market growth elements, manufacturing technologies, constraint, and contemporary market trends. It also explores opportunities as well as challenges for novice and well-established players in the industry.Prismatic Cell Battery market related database is gathered by using many effective inquisitive tools such as feasibility analyses, a study of market attractiveness, and predictable investment returns estimation. The expert analyst team had comprehended the outcome of analytical methods to evince the exact portrayal of the Prismatic Cell Battery market. The report will assist to implement future winning strategies during the period 2018 to 2023.

With the rise of the battle-royale genre, PC gaming is (once again) all the rage, and laptops with dedicated GPUs are in high demand. If you’ve committed to buying a gaming laptop, you don’t need to sacrifice form factor and battery life. You can’t buy an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080-equipped Dell XPS 13, but you don’t need to purchase an anvil with only 2 hours of battery life, either.Laptop Mag reader youssef.legochima will be happy to hear that. They are looking for a sub-$2,000 gaming laptop that weighs less than 2.2 kilograms (4.8 pounds) and has good battery life.While few devices meet those criteria, the available options that do are excellent. Here are the best lightweight gaming laptops that won’t power down in the middle of a gaming session.

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