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Reduce dust when the stone crusher working

Crusher is selling mining pozzolana cement production line machinery, while adhering to the independent research and development, adhere to the influence of international strategy and market demand, made a series of improvements. we seek a breakthrough in the dust phenomenon crusher, and finally find effective ways to reduce dust. Crusher in the production process is usually hit by the hammer of materials and board materials and material between the impact and implementation of the broken, the production will inevitably generate dust, and therefore according to the principle characteristics crusher to reduce radically dust generation phenomenon.

First, according to the Marble Powder Crusher Plant crusher crushing principle, be collected in the inlet and discharge port two dust depot, in its purification machines with dust bag. Our crusher dust with a variety of supporting the use of exhaust air in full compliance with national environmental emission standards. We are mineral processing plant production crusher, milling machine, sand making machine and ancillary equipment manufacturers, basalt crushing plant in South Africa, is widely used in the production of broken ore dressing plant around the machine.

Second, select the transport device also determines the amount of dust to some extent on the crusher. Choose a good seal transportation equipment, not only can reduce material scattered and dust, can also make configuration more flexible between each job. Reducing the height and angle of the discharge logistics, facilities set up across the stream as possible, to ensure the smooth flow of materials to reduce the flow rate of the material provided to reduce dust emissions. This will not only protect the environment, but also reduce dust inhalation operator. we, just want to do better.

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