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Mobile Cone Crushing Plant

Mobile Cone Crushing plant stone quarrying process line that Heavy Industry introduced new products, is new rock crushing equipment. Mobile Cone Crushing plant is mainly used in the field of fine crushing operations, according to different stone and finished product use in stone materials production operations, instead of impact crusher to produce higher hardness and more fine-grained stone materials products, the configuration of the cone crusher can be adjusted according to actual needs of different crushing cavity, expanding the fields and scope of Mobile Cone Crushing plant.

When granite mobile cone crusher sandstone quarrying and processing works, the eccentric shaft sleeve will rotate driven by the electric motor through the transmission device, and the movable cone will rotate driven by the eccentric shaft sleeve. In the process in which the crushing chamber constantly becomes large and small, the stone materials will be gradually crushed. When the stone materials reach the desired granularity, they will automatically fall down and be discharged when the crushing chamber becomes large. The granite mobile cone crusher produced by Machinery perfectly combines the mobile crushing station with strong adaptability and convenient mobility and the outstanding cone crusher in the crusher industry.

Cone crusher itself is a special crushing machine. In recent years it has fast development, and other than standard type cone crusher, many types of cone crushers are researched and developed, including compound cone crusher and multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. In addition, every cone crusher can be changed with the relative spare parts according to the needs to become standard type, medium type and short-headed type, which are respectively used for coarse crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing. granite mobile cone crusher is also equipped with self safety device, so that when uncrushable materials go into the crushing chamber or the machine is overloaded, it will automatically discharge the foreign matters, thus avoiding the damage to the equipment, and quickly resume to normal production. granite mobile cone crusher is widely used for the production sites of road paving, building material, slag crushing and sand aggregates.

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