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Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Program

This scheme has srijan pariyojna India been initiated by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission on August 15, 2008. This scheme is sponsored by the Government of India and is a completely independent scheme that is operated by 3 groups in the state, individually, by Khadi and Village Industries Commission, the District Industry Center, and Village Industries Board and Uttar Khadi. The Government of India for the operating of the said scheme at the national level, Khadi and Village Industries Commission, and is performed by Uttar Khadi and Village Industries Board. At the national level Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIDC) has been chosen as Nodal Agency for the execution of the said scheme by the Government of India. The Government of India in the execution of the said scheme, the ratio of 40:30:30: percentage in the middle of the top 3 agencies has been picked. Therefore, the 3 agencies get a seat of target and budget.

This scheme srijan pariyojna Uttarakhand is being executed by Uttar Pradesh Khadi and Village Industries Board in the bucolic parts of the state. Loans are approved to the jobless institutions/individuals etc. through the banks for setting up of units of project expense upto Rs. 25.00 lakhs in pastoral areas under this scheme.

On this project srijan pariyojna GAIL India expenditure, 25% margin money funding is made available to the usual man beneficiaries from the budget of Khadi and Village Industries in the form of an interest free loan that is changed into a grant in 3 years after profitable function of the unit. There is a proviso to offer 35% margin grant to the recipients of minorities, tribes, women, scheduled castes, poor, ex-servicemen and disabled.

In addition, the general public entrepreneurs have to contribute 10 percent of the project cost themselves, and for the scheduled castes, tribes, minorities, women, handicap, ex-servicemen and non-middle class entrepreneurs, they have to carry 5 percent contribution themselves.

GAIL Manava bharti srijan pariyojna remains committed to the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which firmly believes in playing a decisive role in the development of the country. Behind this social intervention, the company’s thinking of „value creation“ is working as a guiding force for all stakeholders.

From top to bottom in srijan pariyojna CSR GAIL India, a dedicated team of CSR professionals assists in the selection and evaluation of meaningful social programs with strong operational structure which are in line with the areas of specified intervention under the Companies Act, 2013.

For all CSR interventions, the following project-based approach, contained in the CSR policy, is implemented mainly in the rural areas around GAIL CSR programs, around the company’s major workstations / installations.

For more information about Manava bharti srijan pariyojna CSR GAIL India, please visit Manava bharti srijan pariyojna.

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