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Mechanism Sand Production Line Configuration

Mechanism of sand production line in the configuration, according to different production requirements, can choose many different types of equipment, the light of the sand making machine has a lot of kinds, one is the series of sand making equipment, different types of equipment, at work, the role of is different.

Firstly, the application of sand making machine in mechanical sand production line is introduced
The fixed installation machine set of sand making machine as an example, to better implement sand gravel system operation, the mechanism of sand production line in addition to containing by the sand making machine equipment, will be selected by a few auxiliary sand production equipment, such as crusher, feeder, conveyor equipment, concrete composed of series equipment with sand and gravel sand making production line production process is as follows:

Stone by vibrating feeder evenly to the jaw crusher of coarse, coarse broken broken again after the material into the cone crusher, crushing the material by belt conveyor after making sand into the sand making machine, from the application of the vibrating screen, sand making machine screening, conform to the requirements of the material to finished product, by spray dust fall into finished product sand pile, does not conform to the requirements of the return sand making machine to sand, then to vibrating screen for screening, this operation can guarantee mechanism of sand production line finished product uniform particles, dust produced in the process of vibrating screen points after classifier into pulse dust collector, in order to realize the green sand system operation.

Secondly, the advantages of sand making machine in the mechanical sand production line are introduced
1. The finished sand particles have good shape, reasonable gradation of sand and stone, adjustable fineness modulus, and fully meet the national construction sand standard;

2. The important parts of this machine are all made of high-quality castings and profiles, which can greatly improve the abrasion resistance of the whole machine. In this way, the failure in the mechanical sand production line can be effectively reduced;

3. Change the air blast design of the old sand-making machine, adopt the unique air self-circulation system, reduce the air output while reducing the dust leakage during the sand-making machine operation, and realize the green sand-making operation.

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