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ezTalks vs Zoom Comparison:

The tool that you choose should support the processes, workflows, reports and needs that matter to your team. When it comes to this, it’s important to consider their features & functionality. Then, we’ll compare ezTalks with Zoom based on some prominent features.
· Group/private Top-notch video & audio quality;
· Recording & Playback;
· All-in-One video conferencing equipment for huddle room;
· Used on universal platforms including iOS and Android system;
· Numerous built-in add-ons;
· Free and fast screen sharing;
· Telephone dail-in supported;
· High class meeting control room management system
· Security and encryption;
· Simultaneous screen-sharing, group messaging and presence;
· H.323/SIP room system integration;
· MPEG 4 client recording and cloud recording;
· Annotation and co-annotation;
· Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption;
· Broadcast to Facebook or YouTube;
· Virtual background;
· Cloud recording & Playback.

2.Pros & Cons
Though they are both outstanding video conferencing software with common aspects, they still have their respective strengths and weakness.
· Pros
· User-friendly & Mobile-friendly
· Security (One-time Password)
· As Large as Meeting Capacity
· Real-time private and group Chat, Easy sharing and discussing, Useful recording and playback
· Seamless Meeting From Desktops and Mobiles (Windows, Mac, iOS, Android-based devices)
· Online screen sharing tools
· Only need Internet to connect
· Cons
· No API available
· Pros
· Easy to set up (about 3s from downloading to installing)
· Free tier(up to 100 participants)
· Industry-specific plans
· Customized personal Meeting ID
· Unlimited meeting duration for all meeting sizes
· Priced per host
· Cloud recording is an add-on with Basic plan
· Need Video Conference Codec and Cloud Connector account (paid) to connect

3.Pricing Plans
Zoom provides four types of pricing plans, including Basic, Pro, Business and Enterprise Plans at the starting price of $14.99/mo/host. Whereas, ezTalks offers three kinds of pricing plans, including Starter Free, Professional and Enterprise Plans at a cheaper starting price of $12.99/mo/host. Both Zoom and ezTalks offer free trial options. What is worth mentioning is that ezTalks can be joint by telephone call-in and 100mins Webinar free trial is accessible.

4.User Experience
Users of ezTalks can enjoy the freedom to talk conveniently in front of TV without being tied to their earphone or setting up camera. What’s more, different useful functions can be used together with its own software only based on the Internet, which is easy to handle. ezTalks also enables every user to conduct a meeting as a group or as a one on one private meeting. Diversified choices are available. However, the download of Zoom is tiny, less than 10MB in size, winning great favor from the customers. Zoom offers more third-party integration than ezTalks. It’s easy to use, but if you need to add more participants, it’s a little expensive compared to other applications.

Both of them are excellent servers to share documents, photographs and videos on your screen simultaneously from anywhere and anytime. Even though you can not be in person (physically) for any situation, you can activate the application online with stereo audio and 1080p HD video resolution vision operation. You can start a meeting with one-click and invite participants with a unique meeting ID. With the help of these two items, you can enjoy smooth meeting controls, like the ability to mute or dismiss participants and to “whiteboard” or annotate while screen sharing. But if you would like to add more people or increase the time limit, Zoom will cost more than ezTalks. With the free trial, you can test them respectively and compare their performance. They are both online meeting planners and meeting online software with free online meeting service, satifying people’s different kinds of needs.

Online meetings are affordable, time-saving and as interactive as physical meetings. Most of the best video conferencing applications can give you an efficient Web conferencing experience that can save time and cost. But which solution is better? ezTalks software or Zoom? Actually, the question is not“Which one is better?” but “Which software is right for your needs and budget?” There is no doubt that better software can boost employee productivity, teamwork and saves resources. Therefore, it is important for companies to invest in a right communication platform that offers a wide variety of features. ezTalks can do what you want, for its superior services with great convenience and lower price!

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