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Professional knowledge to maintain stone crusher

As a widely used crusher equipment, stone crusher should know its professional knowledge when maintaining, so that we can better carry out maintenance:

1, the use of a sliding bearing stone crusher, attention should be paid to the roller bearing clearance. The top clearance between roller Bush and journal is usually 1/10000-1.5/10000 of Journal diameter, and the side clearance of bearing bush is 1/2-1/3 of the top clearance.

2. The stone crusher is sometimes equipped with a grinding wheel on the rack. When the roller surface is ground out of a pit or groove, the roller surface can be ground and repaired on the machine without removing the roller surface.

3, the toothed plate or ring of the stone crusher can be changed or used. When the tooth wears to a certain extent, it must be replaced or restored, otherwise, it will lead to the uneven particle size of crushed products, increased power consumption reduced production and so on.

4, some machines are equipped with surfacing devices, which can be repaired directly on the machine.

5, in order to ensure the normal work of the stone crusher, it is necessary to check the lubrication condition of the bearings regularly. Sliding bearings often use oil cup or regularly by artificial injection of thin oil, rolling bearings are regularly lubricated and sealed. Some stone crushers are equipped with roller automatic axial reciprocating moving device to make the roller surface wear evenly.

6. The width of the discharge port increases after the wear of the roll surface, and the movable roll needs to be adjusted (the jaw plate is adjusted by the single roll crusher). When adjusting, attention should be paid to keeping the two rollers parallel to each other to prevent skew.

7, stone crusher in operation need to roll surface often repair.

8. The oil injection place of the stone crusher is transmission bearing, roller shaft bearing, all gears, the sliding plane of movable bearing.

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