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How to choose a proper stone crusher?

Stone crusher refers to the equipment that breaks stone from large blocks into pieces that can meet specific requirements. We can choose a proper stong crusher depend on the following:

1.Crushing material: different materials have different crusher capacity and wear condition that we should select proper machine to crush our material. Such as, high hardness of basalt, marble, granite, quartz, and sandstone, we should use high capacity of jaw crusher, otherwise it will have high wear condition. As to medium hardness material of less than 150Mpa compressive strength of gypsum, anthracite, and so on, you should select hammer crusher. As to the soft rocks of limestone, marlstone, and so on, you can choose impact crusher.

2.Capacity: you should select proper crushing machine with your own capacity expectation. If you have a higher capacity machine there will have some energy waste. Otherwise, if you have a lower capacity machine that cannot satisfy market demand, it will create economic interest waste.

3.Crusher quality: price demands crusher quality. Only with excellent performance, reliable quality, higher technology crusher, can you produce high quality and output finished gravel and satisfy the high gravel demand of competitive building market.

4.After-sale service: as important element of purchasing equipment, we should choose the mining equipment industry with high reputation, standardization, and scale.

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