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Golden Goose Starter of

SLVR, launched this year, consists of basics ranging from $45 tops to $190 jackets, made from sustainable organic cotton, soybean fabric, nylon and natural canvas in a palette of black, white and gunmetal gray (hence the name), with accents Golden Goose Starter of maroon, orange and blue. Of interest: the $85 zerowaste women’s tee made from one piece of fabric, and the sevenpiece shoe ($195) made from, you guessed it, six pieces stitched to a sole (a typical sneaker has around 25 pieces).

„It was taking up a lot of time and we thought: ‚These people can afford to pay for it.‘ So we created Wink.“ Initially, a brand consultancy it has now become a fullblown advertising agency. In addition, Wallpaper online goes live in the next few weeks and rather than just Golden Goose „slapping magazine pages up on the web“, Brule’s vision is to use Wallpaper’s „leverage with major international brands“ to create a unique ecommerce venture.

From the time we take our first steps, walking provides numerous health benefits including weight loss and GGDB Starter maintenance, reduced cholesterol, stronger bones and reduced stress. When it comes to kids, a study of 13 to 18yearold students by the University of Granada published in of Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine notes that walking improves learning. However, walking comes with its own risks for children, and the right shoes can help developing bones and muscles avoid injury.

When I was 20 I spent a summer in London. It was 1998 and I wanted a pair of Buffalo Boots so bad. Remember Buffalo Boots? The giant clodhoppers favoured by the Spice Girls came in many colours and looked like corrective footwear. Between Buffalos and the Union Jack dress, girl power had a lot to answer for. By September, I had saved enough to buy some. Mine were powder blue basketball boots with big puffy tongues. I walked out of that shop feeling six feet tall. Like a Londoner, although I wasn’t. Like I belonged. Two decades later, and there’s another coolgirl shoe around. But Paris can keep her Stans, it’s no fun picking up Golden Goose Sale a trend after everyone else has done. Although it would be interesting to try them back in Auckland if only to see if the lack of ubiquity makes them more or less cute..


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