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Advantages of ultrafine mill

ultrafine mill has many advantages such as low price and high output. It is very popular among users. The common Raymond grinding rate is getting higher and higher, which affects the interests of enterprises. How to solve these problems is the most difficult problem for enterprises. How to Increasing the powder extraction rate and production efficiency of the ultrafine mill is the most effective way. Since the micro-grinding is mainly derived from the centrifugal force of the grinding roller, the height of the main engine directly affects the grinding force. The low speed of the driving shaft also causes the low powdering rate. The power is insufficient, and the transmission belt is over-delivered or worn seriously. The shaft is unstable or decelerated.

Ultrafine mill can process the physical properties of various non-metallic mineral raw materials, and there are huge differences in chemical composition. Minerals with lower density such as gypsum and graphite should be adjusted with relatively dense minerals when adjusting wind pressure and air volume. Excessively large or too coarse particles can be well mixed into the finished product when sorted by a classifier, resulting in unqualified products. The micro-grinding blade device can shovel the material between the grinding roller and the grinding ring as an important device. After technical development and improvement, the micro-grinding blade design is relatively reasonable, which can shovel and let the material grind. Sufficient grinding between the roller and the grinding ring.

The performance of the ultrafine mill itself is the main factor determining the production efficiency, but the nature of the material, such as powder moisture, viscosity, hardness, discharge particle size requirements, etc., will also affect the powder yield. Refer to the specifications and operating instructions of the equipment and operate under the corresponding requirements to achieve the best production results.

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