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Tips to prepare for NET exam

The National Eligibility Test (NET) held by University Grants Commission (UGC) under the Bureau of National Educational Testing will be conducted on 8th of July 2018. The national-level NET be eligible the applicants Junior Research Fellowships (JRF) and for the job of Assistant Professor in Indian Colleges and Universities. The exam includes of three Papers, 1st compulsory and 2nd optional. When the test come close its time to study, in the end soon you could be the one tutoring.Below are few tips to solve the ugc net exam.

The exam checks the Research/Teaching talent of the candidate and includes of sixty objective kind multiple choice questions out of which fifty questions are to be attempted. Every query is worth 2 marks and the highest score for the test is 100. Lowest qualifying scoreis 40 marks (40 percent) for General and 35 score for PWD/ST/SC/OBC. The Paper is distributed in 10 sections, with five questions being based on every section.

The CBSE ugc net online is scheduled for 8th ofJuly for determining the entitlement for a number of positions of Junior Research Fellowship and Assistant Professor, all over the nation. The admission cards for the same have been updated on the official website.

The test will include the below 3 papers.

The Paper 1 exam will be conducted for a period of one hour and thirty minutes. It will include sixty questions, out of thatfifty questions must be solved. It will have a total of 100 scores.The Paper 2 test will be held for a period of one hourthirty minutes and will havefifty questionsall are compulsory. It will have a total of 100 scores.The Paper 3 will be conducted for a period of two hours and thirty minutes and will include 75 questions all are compulsory. It will have a total of 150 scores.Answer all gk quiz

THE aspirants whoaregoingfor the test canhavea glance at on the below tips.

Neverbegin a new subject at this moment of time. Study all the important subjects and books which you already have readpreviously. Start solving the sample papers. This will aid you to get an understanding about the question papers. Carefully go through the guidelines prior writing the test and try to finish the test within the confined time. The applicant should note that the negative marking is there, henceit isrecommended to mark an answer only if you are fully sure about it Begin with the simpler section and keep the tougher questions for afterwards. Ensure thatyou eat properly and have a good sleep. Below are some last minute test of verbal ability questions preparation tips and test strategy for the applicants who are going to appear for the CBSE UGC NET 2017 exam in future.

Don’t learn a new topic

This is the time forreview, not studying new things. This is not the proper time to get engrossed with new subjects and if you do so, that would bring aboutmix-up, rise your anxiety levels and have abad effect on your test andgroundwork. Hence, make use of the last moments to reread what you havestudied.

Beattentive on notes

During your last chance ofgroundworks, do not beginstudying long articles or notes. Make sure that you run through all the vital points or outlines you have made for your ugc net computer science exam revision.

Increase your scoring potential

By this time, all UGC NET aspirants would have recognized their strong and weak areas. Make a proper plan to boost the weak areas and study all the strong areas to increase the scoring potential.

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