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Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon – Secret and Asymmetric

Wearing more expensive watches than most Ferraris requires a lot of confidence. When buying and wearing this kind of watch, you can be even more confident if you don’t have any information about it – except for the name – it means it is special. Again, in the right circles, sometimes a name is more important than any public wealth display, especially when the name is Greubel Forsey.

Now I bet that for most people, if this name appears in conversations with other watch enthusiasts, your mind immediately begins to display images of complex timepieces using a wonderful exotic dial pad. These dials are unbelievable. This is not surprising, because the brand has become legendary for its innovative ideas, including two, three, and sometimes even four tourbillons!

As you would expect, each watch takes several months and usually takes several years of research and development to achieve. Therefore, it seems fair to display all the hard work results through the dial. These dials allow the world to see To and appreciate. In addition, when the watch comes with six or sometimes seven-digit price tags, it needs to stand out from the crowd to prove that it is a luxury for the new owner.shopping Greubel Forsey GMT watches replica

In any case, at least this is the traditional idea. Why do you think that supercars are too twisty? Aerodynamics are of course important, but the steering head is even more so. However, Greubel Forsey, like everything they did, chose this trend at least once, and I have to say that its results are spectacular.

However, this subtle beauty may not be immediately apparent to everyone, which is why today we will compare and contrast two of my favorite Greubel Forsey timepieces; the appropriately named Secret Quadruple Tourbillon and a fairly technical sound (and Looks) Asymmetrical quadruple tourbillon.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon
As you probably guessed from the name, the two articles in this article have a lot in common, the most obvious being a complex movement featuring four Tourbillons. Do not think that Greubel Forsey is lazy. In fact, the opposite is true. You can see that the original GF03 movement powered the asymmetrical quadruple tourbillon and it took five years to actually develop it. It consists of 531 individual parts, each of which is designed specifically for this timepiece.RICHARD MILLE RM 67-02 AUTOMATIC ALEXIS PINTURAULT replica watch

The secret quadruple tourbillon – two years after its launch in 2012 – has also exhibited an updated version of this incredible sport that incorporates Grebuel Forsey’s two years of learning experience. Called Caliber GF03J, it consists of 519 individual parts, 11 fewer than the original parts, reflecting the company’s commitment to continuous improvement through innovation.

However, slightly different, these actions are more or less the same, which is a good thing because they are spectacular. The main lottery cards are of course four Tourbillons, but at first glance, you can forgive only two (or in the case of secret versions, no, but more later). This visual illusion stems from the fact that there is actually a tourbillon inside the tourbillon, or in other words, both escapements are called “double tourbillons”. This means that there is an external tourbillon and an internal tourbillon, and each tourbillon rotates on a different axis. In the case of the quadruple tourbillon, the external tourbillon completes a complete rotation every four minutes, while the internal tourbillon – the angle is 30° – completes a complete rotation every minute.luxury replica Urwerk watches

The overall goal here is to achieve the highest level of precision through mechanical movements. This is why the two tourbillons are coupled together through a spherical differential (visible on both backs) to further increase overall performance. I will not discuss in detail the theoretical impact of the tourbillon on the effects of gravity on the movement of different positions, but it is sufficient to illustrate the form before leaving the facility at Greubel Forsey, which adjusts the -1 / + 2 second variance every day. Compare it to the -4/ + 6 COSC requirements and quickly see that Greubel Forsey puts himself in a completely different standard.

At least for me, this is an interesting thing. On an asymmetrical quadruple tourbillon, all of the above are clearly visible due to the open nature of the dial. You can see two double-layer tourbillon cages – each composed of 128 parts – very delicate, this watch is equipped with 7-digit labels, which is very obvious.www.reviewbestselling.com

However, the secret quadruple tourbillon is entirely another matter. As the name implies, the charm of this movement is completely hidden. Only its masters know its secrets. They can enjoy their leisure through the sapphire back cover. According to the brand, the Quadruple Tourbillon Secret represents the special connection between Greubel Forsey and collectors, which is the ultimate expression of complexity and refinement. This is a clock you bought yourself, not others.

There are a total of four different quadruple tourbillons; platinum and rose gold are two asymmetric forms, and two versions of the secret, which are platinum and rose gold. All four products use the same 43.5mm asymmetric case, and all four products are very eye-catching.buy Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph watches replica


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