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Performance Superiority Analysis of Construction Waste Crusher

Since Construction Waste Crusher has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable work, manufacturing easy, convenient maintenance, it is still widely used in the metallurgy, mining, building materials, chemical industry and railway departments nowadays. In mining, jaw crusher is mostly used to coarse and medium crushing ores with high or special hardness.The work principle of jaw crusher: motor drive belt and pulley make moving jaw move up and down through the eccentric shaft; When the dynamic jaw rise, the angle between the bracket and the dynamic jaw large, so as to promote dynamic jaw plate close to static jaw plate, at the same time the material being crushed or broken to achieve the purpose of crushing materials; When the dynamic jaw moving downward, the angle between the bracket and dynamic jaw diminish, the dynamic jaw plate get away from the static jaw plate by the function of the pull rod and spring, at which time the broken materials are discharged from the down mouth of the crushing cavity. The machine periodically crushes and discharge materials with the motor turns continuously to realize batch production.

The performance superiority of Construction Waste Crusher displays in the following aspects: 1. The crushing cavity is deep and without dead zone, which improves the production capacity and yield; Jaw crusher has a big crushing ratio and the particle size of the product is uniform; 2. Gasket type discharging mouth is reliable and convenient and with a large adjusting range, which increases the flexibility of the equipment; 3. The lubrication system of jaw crusher is safe, reliable, and convenient to replace the parts; It is also has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, low cost. 4. Energy saving; discharging mouth has a big adjustable range, which can meet the requirement of different customers; Low noise, little dust.

Construction Waste Crusher adopts hydraulic insurance device, which is reliable, safe, easy to eliminate fault. Big or medium-sized crusher typically use the cast have babbitt sliding bearings, which can bear the larger impact load, and with a stronger wear-resistance. Small jaw crusher mostly uses rolling bearings of high transmission efficiency and easy maintenance.

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