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Comparing 10G SFP+ DAC and 10G SFP+ Transceivers

The development of artificial intelligence and Internet of things presents new challenges to the expansion of data centers, and there is often a contradiction between technology and cost. In order to realize high density and high capacity, it is important to control cost factors and reasonable wiring. In the wiring, we can choose the high-speed cable and the optical transceiver cables, so how do we choose these two products in the actual scene? What are the differences and what advantages do they have? Let’s study together about the differences between 10G SFP+ DAC and 10G SFP+ transceivers.

As a transmission medium, 10G SFP+ DAC and 10G optical transceivers can be selected. What is the difference between the two?

  • The 10G DAC is connected to two switches through copper cables. The SFP+ optical transceiver is connected to the jumpers to connect the two switches.
  • 10G DAC is short-distance transmission; the longest distance is 15M, used in the engine room.
  • The SFP+ transceiver can perform long-distance transmission. The longest single fiber is 80KM, and the longest dual fiber is 100KM.

The Advantages of 10G SFP+ DAC:

The 10G DAC is a copper cable designed with SFP+ connectors on both ends and is less expensive than a 10G optical transceiver.

The use of 10G DAC wiring is more flexible, transmission distance up to 15 meters, in the actual construction process is less difficult to operate.

10G DAC cabling saves on connected devices, eliminating the need for patch panels, and servers and network equipment can be directly connected to TOR switches, which indirectly save on input costs.

The Advantage of 10G SFP+ Transceivers:

If the vertical distance of the wiring does not exceed the cabinet, 10G DACs can be used for the connection. When the distance between the TOR switch and the network switch is greater than 15M, multimode optical fibers and fiber transceivers can be selected. Usually, OM3/OM4 LC fiber jumpers and 10G SFP+ optical transceivers are used. In other words, 10G SFP+ optical transceivers are widely used in long-distance transmission.

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