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SBM basalt aggregate production line is used for urban road construction

Basalt is a kind of rocks, which are formed by the solidified magma and the magma is formed by the volcanic eruption. The basalt that can be seen has many holes. If looked carefully, many of the holes are compact form or stomata shape. The main reason is that: after the magma comes out the volcano, the magma contains a lot of steams and bubbles Basalt aggregate application field
Among all the materials in repairing highway, railway and airport runway, the basalt sand is the best one. Its advantages cannot be replaced by other materials. It features with many quality characteristics, such as wear resistance, low waterline, bad conductivity, strong resistance, low crushing strength, strong corrosion resistance and asphalt adhesion. It is recognized by the international and is the best aggregate footstone for railway and highway transportation.
Basalt aggregate engineering
Highway basalt aggregate production line produced by? SBM Machinery firstly comes into use for Shenyang-Dalian high-speed in 2004. This production line consists of VSI system sand machine (vertical impact crusher), feeder, construction waste crusher, plastic impact crusher and vibrating screen. This basalt aggregate production line can produce coarse aggregate basalt and fine aggregate mechanism sand, which are widely used in Shenyang-Dalian high-speed.
In general municipal highway construction process, many of the needed aggregates are basalts. Besides basalt, debase, granite and limestone can used as asphalt aggregates in municipal highway construction.
In the capital airport expansion process, an urban construction group in Beijing uses basalt aggregate production line which uses VSI18000 sand making machine (Vertical impact crusher) as principal machine. The basalt aggregate features perfect quality and average gradation so it is often used in airport runway construction.
There are many advantages for using basalt as road asphalt pavement. The basalt can make the pavement pitch-black for a long time. The white traffic signs line can form strong contrast between black and white with the black pavement. The strong contrast can let the driver see the pavement more clearly and increase the driving safety and quiet degree. At the same time, the pavement aesthetic feeling is stronger and landscape is better.
There are also many inconspicuous advantages, such as the dark black basalt which is used for road asphalt layer. The basalt features alkalescency, which can increase the adhesion between asphalt and aggregate. So the spelling question between asphalt and aggregate can be solved easily. The quality and service life of the asphalt mixture are greatly increased and the availability of roads building can be reduced.


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