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China GPS System solution and In-depth review of your fleet management

The beginning of the New Year is not only a good time to start a new project but also a time to review, reflect and evaluate existing practices and procedures. Now is the best time to do that, here are some aspects that you might going to give a closer look.

Need adjustment for your Vehicle specification? How long haven`t reviewed your “standard” vehicle specification? New resolution of tools and technologies come out every day, though you may not always need the latest one, weather it is a big surprise if look at your options to see adjusting a vehicle specification can get you drive further per gallon than ever before, help you attract drivers or allow you to operate in a safer manner. GPS Personal Tracker Solution may be a good way to assist the better operation.


The issue of safety should be notice. It’s seems like you need to do a lot of job with safety training while go over on-boarding process, but are you realize that how important that reinforcing safety throughout the year? The operation safe driver report told me that there is room for improvement. Law enforcement personnel issued close to 39,000 citations to drivers of commercial vehicles during the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s October Operation Safe Driver Week. Eighty-four percent of the citations were for moving violations and speeding accounted for 7.4% of the violations. Clearly there is room for improvement in building a safety culture at all fleets. GPS technology will rank employees based on driving behavior through alert you in instances of driver speeding and excessive driving activity, thus ensure safty.

Lower cost of fuel and better MPGs: In order to get the most miles out of a gallon of fuel, what are you trying to do all you can? Fuel efficiency improvement is more than making sure the vehicle has the right combination of technologies on it. It also means engaging drivers in the process of squeezing every tenth of a mile out of a gallon of fuel. Also, China GPS System tracker can analyze factors during traveling like mileage, stationary time, routes taken, that exactly can help to draw up cost strategies for the future and save on fuel and time as well.

Mentioning how to improved operational efficiency, One key to improve your overall operational efficiency is that right trucks with the right trailers running the right routes. Right size of your fleet and look at ways to optimize routing and eliminate empty back hauls. The on-going problem for the trucking industry is to find and retain people, all result in that we need the right people in the right jobs and to be successful. Review your hiring, on-boarding and retention efforts. Are you doing all you can to attract and keep the best and the greatest? If not, start the New Year by alerting your hiring practices so that you can find and keep the people you need to be successful.

For we have much to do in running our businesses at the most of the time, that we are too busy to look at the big picture and improve efficiency, that is why we ignore a lot aspects where we could make effort on it. The New Year is the perfect opportunity to take a top down look at your organization and make the necessary changes to ensure success in 2018.

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