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High Efficiency Raymond Mill Are Welcome in the Market

As the leader in the Chinese mining machinery industry, our company is well known for its various types of mining machines including dryers, stone crushing machines, ore dressing machines and powder making machines applied around the world. Here we will introduce two dryers with excellent performance.
The whole new set of the raymond mill made by our company is composed of the dryer, stove, screw feeder, dust catcher, deodorization tower, console, etc. The purpose of this machine is to dry chicken manure which once dried can be uses as fish feed, pig feed, fodder and other fruit trees feed. The whole drying process is in a closed state which not only reduces the pollution but also realizes energy conservation and environmental protection.
The raymond mill is in great demand on the market and it is widely used in many fields, especially the large, small and medium-sized chicken farm and breeding industry in developed areas. The raymond mill can reduce the moisture content of the manure from 70% to only 10%. It can also realize high temperature disinfection and sterilization which makes it widely applied in feed mills.
A grain dryer is specially used to dry grain crops. There are three types of dryers as cross-flow, fair flow and counter flow dryers according to the flow direction. Here we are talking about the rotary grain dryer which adopts counter flow type. The wet grain granules enter the dryer from its high end, while the hot air heated by the air heater enters form the low end; they are mixed in the dryer and exchange heat to remove the moisture from the grain, thus completing the drying process.


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