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Normalize the Rotary Speed of Jaw Crusher

The experiment shows that with the improvement of the rotary speed of the Ore Milling Equipment, the electricity consumption crushing every 1 ton materials will significantly improve which is a key project index in the quality supervision and examination, and in addition, the final output will be obviously low. The speed of the output side is detected and fed back to the adjustment gage, to control and adjust the clutch hydraulic pressure, and thereby control speed. However, if the rotary speed is resumed to the originally designed speed, then the electricity consumption crushing every 1 ton materials will reach the national standard, and the final output will improve as well. These facts show that the operational rate has an important influence on the energy consumption and output of the jaw crusher. For this reason, jaw crusher needs a reasonable rotary rate. Then what rotary rate is the most reasonable?

Generally speaking, when selling jaw crusher, our Ore Milling Equipment Machinery will always implement the “three guarantees” (for repair, replacement or compensation of fault products) policy and the guarantee repair policy that the machine can be repaired for free for a year other than the easy-wearing parts. According to the feedbacks of the jaw crusher three guarantees service, we find that there prevails a wrong concept among the customers that the higher of the operational rate of the jaw crusher, the higher the output will be; so many users improve the operational speed at their own will which caused some accidents.

After the research of the technical department of Ore Milling Equipment Machinery, on the same jaw crusher, if the rotary rate is improved, the no-load power of the jaw crusher will increase in a geometric progression. That is to say, if the rotary rate is increased one time, the no-load power will increase to four times of the original one. On the contrary, if the rotary rate is decreased by one second, the no-load power will respectively decrease to one fourths of the original power, in this way we can get the internal relationship of the energy consumption, output and the rotary speed of the jaw crusher. It reminds us that in order to avoid energy waste, when designing the rotary speed of the crusher, as long as the rate is able to reach the impacting and crushing effects to the crushed materials, the rotary speed can be designed as low as possible, which will not only save large quantity of energy, but decrease the vibration and noises of the equipment, decrease the alternate stress of the main bearing, lower the centrifugal force of the rotor, extend the service life of the bearings and minimize the unsafe factors.

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