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Copper tungsten has the exact weight and non-magnetic

Copper tungsten oscillator has the exact weight and non-magnetic, high temperature, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, etc. Tungsten alloy mobile phone oscillator using advanced metal injection molding process. Metal injection molding process and the thermoplastic material (such as plastic or paraffin, etc.) mixed metal powder injection molding machine plastic forming process.

Metal injection molding process into the field of powder metallurgy and the formation of a new near-net-shape powder forming technology. The basic process is as follows: firstly, the solid powder is uniformly mixed with the organic binder, and then granulated and heated in a plasticized state (~ 150 ° C), and then injected into a mold cavity by an injection molding machine to be solidified and formed, and then chemically or thermally Decomposition method will be molded billet binder removal, and finally densified to obtain the final product. Compared with the traditional process, with high precision, uniform organization, excellent performance, low production costs.

Tungsten market demand continued to weaken, dragged down by this week, tungsten concentrate prices fell slightly again, mainly in the price of scheelite concentrate, wolframinerite due to less goods, retailers reluctant slightly firmed. At present, more bearish market outlook tungsten market outlook, mostly wait and see, cautious operation is expected to short-term tungsten concentrates or temporary weak market stability. The recent turnover of the tungsten ore market is more scheelite, wolframite rarely traded. It is understood that the purchaser of scheelite ore inquiry price is cash 100,000 yuan / ton, half-moon knot 101,000 yuan / ton, foreign trade quotes holders is 103,000 yuan / ton, reluctantly sell wait and see, buyers and sellers are not weaker, Closing stalemate. It is understood that the transaction price of scheelite concentrate more cash in the current 101,000 yuan / ton.

The consumption form of molybdenum is dominated by industrial molybdenum trioxide, accounting for about 70%, molybdenum and iron accounting for about 20%, and metal molybdenum and molybdenum chemicals each accounting for 5%. The area of ​​application and distribution is roughly as follows: Steel and iron consumption accounts for about 80% (of which alloy steel is about 43%, stainless steel about 23%, tool steel and high speed steel about 8% and cast iron and roll about 6%), Products account for about 10%.

Metal molybdenum consumption accounts for about 6%, high temperature and high strength alloys and special alloys account for about 3%, other molybdenum products is about 1%. It can be seen from the above that the development of the steel industry plays a decisive role in the consumption of molybdenum. However, with the development of science and technology, the application of molybdenum in high technology and other fields will continue to expand and develop.


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